CPEC is leading India's charge into the future with large-scale renewable energy solutions


About CPEC

CPEC is one of India's leading renewable energy developers. Founded in 1942, CPEC was restructured in 2010 with a clear focus on developing large-scale solar power plants in line with Government of India policy to mainstream renewable energy across the country. In February 2015, CPEC was awarded the Green Energy Certificate (GEC) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in line with CPEC's demonstrated commitment to deploy 9,000 MW of renewable energy generating capacity by the year 2020.  

Our Vision

Pioneering India’s Energy Evolution

GW-Scale Solar PV

CPEC has taken lead position to develop Solar PV power plants in India under Government of India’s 100 GW target by 2019 Ultra-Mega policy framework. Using best-of-class PV technologies, CPEC aims to supply energy to the grid at the lowest possible Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) by achieving efficiencies through scale and innovation.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

CPEC & SolarReserve are under development of a flagship Indian CSP project. SolarReserve’s industry-leading molten salt storage solution technology is capable of providing energy from the sun 24 hours a day at baseload levels for optimal grid performance and stability.

Concentrated PV (CPV)

Working with industry leaders, CPEC is developing a large-scale deployment and Indian manufacturing of CPV dishes capable of producing energy at a lower LCoE than traditional PV, and with the added benefit of heat capture for use in heat transfer cooling systems and water desalination solutions.

Smart Grids

Using state-of-the-art grid management technology, CPEC provides Smart Grid storage and stabilization solutions to prevent imbalances and reduce grid inefficiencies, particularly in weak grid areas.


Akbar Shamji

Chairman & Managing Director

Appointed Chairman & Managing Director of CPEC in 2010, Akbar Shamji led CPEC’s restructuring as a prominent renewable energy developer in India and South Asia. Akbar Shamji is also a co-founder and seed investor of ATVL, the parent company to OMC Power, India’s largest and leading rural electrification company and awardee of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Technology Pioneer 2014.

Akbar Shamji is very active in supporting several of the world’s leading PV module manufacturers and PV developers in entering new emerging PV markets, as well as exploring new segments of the solar PV market with hybrid, remote grid, off-grid solutions, as well as promoting leading edge technology in system optimization, High Concentration PV and storage.

Prior to this, Akbar Shamji has had an extensive career in the property development sector in London, and has completed significant projects in the metropolis in partnership with leading development funds. In 2008, Akbar co-founded Sino Arabic Gateway, a company established to bridge business and synergies between China and the GCC countries with a particular focus on traditional and low carbon energy. He was subsequently invited to become an international Director for CAND, a leading policy think tank in Beijing with a focus on developing business interest for Chinese State companies in key strategic markets. He is the founder and Director of Emerge-Invest, a partnership company with Abu Dhabi Investment Gate, focused on bringing companies and projects into Abu Dhabi in line with the 2030 Economic Vision Plan. Akbar is also a co-founder and Director of Goldenrose Agrofarms Ltd., the first floriculture business in Ethiopia, and the first Ethiopian business to receive the Fairtrade stamp.

Akbar Shamji holds BA and MA degrees from the University of Cambridge.

Haider Shah

Head of Group Finance

Haider Shah oversees all structured and project finance activities at CPEC, alongside advising key finance teams at partner companies. He specialises in investment structuring and performance modelling of infrastructure projects, with a key focus on renewable energy development.

With his expertise and experience in equity structuring and infrastructure & project finance, Haider Shah served an integral part in CPEC’s restructuring and repositioning as a leading solar energy developer in India, guiding financial & development policy and strategy for CPEC and its partner companies.

Concurrently, Haider Shah serves as a senior adviser to CAND Group – a leading China policy think tank focused on developing key emerging markets, and as a Consultant with MaC Group specializing in energy finance and investments.

Haider Shah joined CPEC in 2012 after a career in international trade and finance with extensive experience in Asian markets. Previously, Haider Shah worked with a leading Indian mining group on acquisition and diversification projects, and has founded and managed finance and procurement consultancies in India and China.

Haider Shah holds a degree in Economic Science from the University of Manchester.

Prem Bajaj

Head of Renewable Development

Prem Bajaj joined CPEC in 2011 as the Head of Renewable Energy Project Development and was integral in developing and commissioning CPEC’s first 5 MW solar plants in Kutch, Gujarat.

He continues to lead all development processes, including government and offtaker negotiations, Power Purchase Agreements, land licensing, and liaison.

Prem Bajaj has over 30 years of experience in logistics and infrastructure, having spent time as Regional Head at Zamin, Vice President at Bajaj Hindustan Limited, Vice President at India Life Group, and several senior management positions at Essar Group, ICAP & IL&FS. Prem is also credited with spearheading Essar Oil’s IPO

Prem Bajaj holds Bachelors and MBA degrees from Farleigh Dickinson University.

Rabinder K Sikri

President, Projects

Rabinder Sikri joined the Indian energy sector in January 1975 and worked at various capacities till April 2012. He is associated with Abengoa Spain for development of CSP based projects-Solar energy hybrid with coal/gas stations and with World Bank for its Disaster Management and Energy Access program and with DFID for result based incentives.

Rabinder Sikri specialises in identification, design, engineering, and implementation of renewable energy (RE) based projects for green power (to reduce carbon foot print) and Sustainable Development through distributed generation (DG) projects in the remote villages with locally available resources (fuels) contributing to the integrated growth of the village(s) for long term sustainability.

His publications on “Smart Grid Vision for the Power Sector – NTPC’s Perspective” in Singapore, “Renewable Energy to Mitigate Climate Change- India’s Initiatives” and “Innovative Approaches to Distributed Generation,” presented in Perth and Brisbane were widely appreciated.

Rabinder Sakri has received the IEEMA Power Award 2009 in the category of “Excellence in Decentralized Distributed Generation.”

Our Board

Aman Gill

Special Adviser

With a background in investment banking, Aman Gill began his career at Goldman Sachs and has extensive deal experience over key intercontinental transactions in the energy sector with the Special Situations Group. He holds further experience in consolidated capital management and sovereign bonds operations with Bank Hofmann AG, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch & Cie in Geneva and Zurich.

Aman Gill was very closely involved in the start up of a multibillion-dollar Energy and Infrastructure Group within India, where he focused on developing Renewable Energy assets within India since 2007.

Aman Gill independently formed a technology consulting enterprise and was awarded India’s first and only multi-million dollar Central Government sponsored program to showcase and demonstrate state of art integrated security technologies and systems. The program was successfully implemented in partnership with leading US companies HBE, L3Communications, Los Alamos Labs and KTC.

Aman is well networked and has extensive banking experience with successful setting up of large size infrastructure projects and businesses within India.

Grant Greatrex

Senior Advisor

Grant Greatrex is the Senior Partner of MaC Group heading up the company’s renewable energy advisory division working with clients across the full value chain and with technology, industrial and IPP players, as well as with institutional investors

Grant has very extensive experience in the solar PV, CSP, storage and related sectors, having developed, advised and financed over 1 GW of PV projects in various regions from Europe, South America, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa and India. He has advised clients across the full value chain from project development, through contracting of EPC/O&M, to project financing and on to asset rotation by supporting the sale of operating plants. He is extremely well versed in all aspects of project structuring, contractual and financing agreements, due diligence and transaction support. He is also the Senior Expert Witness to the Kingdom of Spain and the Spanish Attorney General’s office leading a team of economic and technical experts in various investment treaty disputes in the PV and CSP fields.

Grant Greatrex has recently participated in the launch of Private Equity (150 mn €) and Infrastructure funds (250 mn €) focused on the renewable energy market and solar energy in particular, as well as having created, developed and sold-on several solar PV development companies. He has also carried out solar PV market entry strategies, valuations, LCoE models and due diligences for utilities, oil& gas and industrial players diversifying in to the global PV market.

Prior to MaC Group, Grant was the global coordinator of renewable energies at Arthur D. Little and prior to this was a Senior Partner at Deloitte Consulting – Iberian Managing Director, member of European Management Team and of the Global Board.

Grant holds a Degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (First Class Honours), a Diplôme de Hautes Études Européens from Collège d’Europe (with Distinction), and a MBA University of Warwick (with Distinction).

Our Partners


Founded in 2007, SolarReserve is one of the world’s leading Solar Energy developer having deployed over $2 billion in investments in Solar PV and CSP projects. SolarReserve’s award-winning molten-salt storage technology enables baseload power supply for 24 hours a day.

Yingli Solar

Yingli Solar is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Solar PV panels. Having deployed over 10 GW of solar panels worldwide, Yingli Solar has a production capacity of 4.2 GW per annum. Yingli Solar is a preferred partner of CPEC.


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